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Chiropractic Care in Marietta, GA

Pro Health & Rehab is a comprehensive chiropractic practice located in Marietta, GA. We have provided chiropractic care and massage therapy in Marietta and Cobb County since 1999. Our Chiropractors are board certified and offer expert non-surgical treatment to relieve pain, immobility, and many other conditions. Non-surgical options like spinal decompression can help patients suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, lower back pain, migraines, nerve compression, sports injuries, or car accidents.

What to Expect During Your First Chiropractic Visit

Your initial visit to Pro Health & Rehab will include a consultation and exam prior to chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation. You can expect your first visit to take longer than following visits. Typically, your first visit can take 45 min to an hour. Following visits, should take around 20 min.

The initial visit generally includes the following 3 areas:

    1. Patient History

    You will be asked to fill out a short form that will provide background information about symptoms and medical history. The form will ask questions such as:

  • Why you are seeking chiropractic care?
  • Do you have past injuries?
  • When did your pain start?
  • Where is the pain felt?
  • Did the pain start because of an injury?
  • Is the pain continual or does it come and go?
  • Patient forms will also inquire about pre-existing medical conditions and family history.

    2. Physical Exam & Diagnosis

    A chiropractic exam will usually include general tests to check reflexes, range of motion, muscle strength and tone. The chiropractor may feel your spine, check posture, and ask you to move in a certain manner to assess the affected area or body part. After reviewing history and examination, a chiropractor may determine if X-rays are needed to help guide treatment. X-rays can help get a better idea of the patient’s condition and pinpoint the exact location causing issues. X-rays can be done in-office and are ready to view within minutes.

    3. Treatment

    If the chiropractor has no major concerns, treatment will start. Here is what you can expect:

  • The chiropractor will have you lie on a special table. This table is designed for specific chiropractic treatments and therapies while keeping you comfortable.
  • The chiropractor will pull, push or rotate parts of your body to manipulate your spine.
  • The chiropractor may use an activator to make minor adjustments. An activator is a small handheld instrument that delivers a quick, low force pulse to joints.
  • You may hear a popping sound as the chiropractor makes adjustments. This is normal and is similar to cracking your knuckles.
  • You should not expect to feel pain during treatments.
  • After your adjustment, the chiropractor may give additional treatments including heat, ice, and muscle massage.

If you are in the Marietta area and looking for a chiropractor near you, please contact us today for a chiropractic appointment.